Renovate Collagen Boosting Skin Repair Serum

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Improved Skin Metabolism. Long-lasting Skin Repair. Powered by Swiss Black Skin Caviar.

Ignite your skin’s natural repair process with bioengineered black skin caviar. Infused with swiss skin caviar and vitamins A, D, E, and B12 to make your skin barrier strengthened and the skin exceptionally lifted.

Bio Sourced
Renovate Skincare

Key Benefits

  • This delightfully textured milky emulsion melts into your skin to make it bouncier, lifted and regenerated from the first swipe
  • Drawn from the depths of rich swiss waters, Renovate’s black Skin Caviar infuses proteins into your skin to promote exceptional repair and collagen reproduction
  • Renovate, with its caviar and vitamin-enriched formulation strengthens your skin barrier, restores elasticity, and recaptures your youthful glow

The Science Behind

  • Extracted from the depth of rich swiss waters, Black Skin Caviar in Renovate delivers never-seen-before firmness and enhanced collagen stimulation.
  • Rich in vitamins A, E, D, and B12, Renovate is formulated to redensify your skin, boost cell turnover, and improve natural hydration levels.
  • Phosphoproteins and amino acids Renovate restore visible skin damage and shield your skin from free radical damage.
Slova face Massage

How To Apply

Use Renovate as the third step after cleansing and toning your skin. Press 2 pumps of Renovate into clean, slightly damp skin. Let it seep in for one minute before your next skincare product

  • Smooth the serum across the face, around the eyes and mouth, sweep over the neck, and decollete
  • Gently moving from your eyebrows to the top of your forehead, press and curl out your fingers in a 'wave' motion to improve the internal circulation and maximize the product penetration
  • Use PM and follow with moisturizer to lock in the hydration

From The Real Users

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Key Ingredients

Slova is formulated with bio-sourced and scientifically tested potent actives that optimize, balance, and protect the skin's health.


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