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Redefine your everyday skincare with our breakthrough deep-learning AI skin analysis. Access your skin with a snap and personalize your skincare routine in a fraction of the time.


Unlock Your Skin Secrets

Skin Alchemy uses a cutting-edge AI algorithm to deliver a powerful personalization experience for you. From accurate detection of spots, wrinkles, and visible pores, Skin Alchemy can identify over 1000 facial attributes and determines the intensity of the concern to suggest personalized recommendations that best suit your skincare routine.

With a patent-grade technology, Skin Alchemy conducts a quantitative ai skin analysis on your selfie to extract abstract information and highlight the areas of concern within a few seconds.

How It Works

Skin alchemy

1. Snap or upload a selfie to start your AI skin analysis

Skin Alchemy

2. In a few microseconds, our AI starts analyzing your skin

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3. AI skin analysis report is generated with a personalized routine

Skin Alchemy

4. Use the routine, and come back to see what your skin looks like within 12 weeks.

Ready To Uncover Your Very Best Skin

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